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Shooting Suspect Had Arrest History

        Moody, unpredictable and hostile towards authority, those descriptions from law enforcement and those who knew the man at the center of the Payne Springs shooting.     According to east Texas police, Randall Mays had a history of drinking and antagonism towards law enforcement,  and at least three different east Texas agencies had run-in's with him. Most recently a 1999 conviction of assault of a public servant in Seven Points Texas, 11 miles northwest of Payne Springs.

    Under the Texas penal code , section 4604, 5 years after release from confinement, parole or prison , a convicted felon may own a fire arm if they keep it at their place of residence only. In 19-81, Mays was arrested and later convicted of driving under the influence of drugs while in Archer city, Texas. In 1987, he was arrested in Sulphur Springs for resisting an officer,  charged and convicted with fleeing from police. He's also been convicted of criminal mischief.

     People we talked to today describe Mays as a quiet man, with strange personality changes and mood swings. Sulphur Springs police say a 1987 traffic stop, Mays became so confrontational, the arresting officer had to pull his weapon on him to force him to surrender. A family friend of Mays told us today, she couldn't believe he's responsible for such horror.

   "I feel angry because I feel like there something, I feel very sorry for the deputies that go shot and every thing you know what I'm saying , but something must have been very wrong for him to have done that" said Mays family friend Robin Junnell.

     Randall Mays remains hospitalized, but again, was charged with one count of capitol murder late this afternoon.

Reported By Bob Hallmark:

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