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5/18/07-Rusk County

Lawyer Gives Details On Alleged Victim's Side Of Story

This week we've told you two high ranking Rusk County sheriff's deputies have resigned as the FBI, the Texas Rangers, and the District Attorney all investigate a case of officer brutality. We've been told a man had been arrested, taken inside the Sheriff's Office and an "incident" occurred.  Friday, the man's lawyer spoke out, telling us what he says happened in that office.

The alleged victim in this case is Shawn Wright, 44, of Kilgore. His attorney says Wright was picked up at his place of employment by Lieutenant Johnny Davidson.  They say he was then handcuffed, driven to the jail, and locked inside Chief Deputy Dusty Flanagan's office. That's where they say the alleged brutality occurred.  

Wright's attorney says Wright was placed in a chair, choked, and struck with enough force to knock him out of his chair, causing him to black out. A picture, taken during booking, shows Wright's bloody face. He says Wright was then put back in the chair, grabbed by Deputy Flanagan, thrown on the floor and then beaten again. 

"I find it reprehensible and I also found it reprehensible that Officer Davidson, under the guise of apologizing, I guess, in the Henderson Daily News calls this a mistake, it's no mistake when you choke someone, hit them flush in the face with so much force to knock him out of a chair."

He adds: "I liken it to a school yard bully and these officers acting as the law West of the Pecos themselves but the difference from a school yard bully is, the victim's of a bully don't have handcuffs, they aren't handcuffed behind their back. They aren't surrounded by other bullies and locked somewhere in the Sheriff's Office."

KLTV 7 contacted Rusk County Sheriff Glenn Deason for a comment, but he declined, saying the case is still under investigation and he said all he could in Wednesday's press conference.    

The case is still under investigation by the FBI and KLTV has learned that apparently the FBI has cut out a square of carpet from Chief Deputy Dusty Flanagan's office for evidence. 

Wright's attorney also said Wright was in the jail for more than 24 hours with blood on his face, asking for help, but didn't get anything more than aspirin.  

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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