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Power of Prayer: Dayna Cooper

There have been great strides made over the years in the fight against breast cancer.  Just last weekend thousands of people turned out for the "Race for the Cure" in Tyler  to raise awareness about what women can do to keep healthy.  But despite the increased hope when a woman hears those words, breast cancer, it can be devastating.

One woman found her hope, encouragement and the will to live through the Power of Prayer.

"I like to ride the motorcycle...I love to ride the motorcycle."  This is Dayna Cooper's passion.   Her three wheel motorcycle provides her the place to unwind and enjoy life.

"There is something about riding and I can ride and just... I can sing if I want to, I can pray if I want to, I can be quite if I want to and just get peace. And like today riding over I was it was so nice and peaceful and calm. Its really a feeling you can't understand until you've done it," says Dayna Cooper.

Dayna's life's journey took a big detour three years ago, when following her annual mammogram, she got a call back from her doctor.

"He says, 'Well you do have cancer,'" remembers Dayna.  "And he said I need the name of a surgeon and a name of an oncologist right now. Not only did I get diagnosed with cancer but I lost my job within a month and it was like just everything was crashing down. It was like God had just dropped me and left me... but then it just kind of turned around."

Dayna admits she went through a "why me" time in her life.  Becoming she says angry with God about her stage four cancer. She e-mailed her story to her friends and members of her Christian Motorcycle club. They in turn began an e-mail prayer chain for their friend.  In a matter of days, Dayna learned people across the country were praying for her healing and peace of mind.

"A big thing with a cancer person is if you're emotionally sound, you are physically sound.  If your mind is good and active and happy, then your body is going to respond.  And the prayers made me think, 'Okay the people love me and care about me enough to want me to beat this'. And that gave me a lot of support and a lot of peace of mind," says Dayna.

After six months of chemo, followed by surgery Dayna's cancer today is in remission. She does visit the Tyler Cancer Center every week for follow-up treatments.

But her mind rarely strays far from her the next ride on her motorcycle.  You might notice, Dayna on her ride.  Her three-wheel motorcycle is painted a bright, bright pink. Dayna is quick to point out it's not her favorite color.  But she recently repainted her bike so people would comment and ask questions. That allows her to share how prayer has worked in her life...and to talk about cancer awareness.  That's one reason, she thinks, God has spared her life.

"They need to do what they have to do to get checked out.  Get early prevention if they need it. Just make them aware it can happen whether there is or not a history." And even more important Dayna says, be prepared to pray and find friends who will pray too.

Clint Yeatts, Reporting.  cyeatts@kltv.com


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