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5/17/2007 - Payne Springs

Shock, Disbelief In East Texas Town, Devastated By Shooting

In the small community of Payne Springs, without exception there is a sense of disbelief. For some who witnessed the shooting, extreme shock and sorrow.

And understandably, members of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department were visibly shaken by the horrible news 2 of their deputies were dead - Deputy Tony Price Ogburn and Investigator Paul Steven Habelt.

"They work under my supervision we all work in same office in the courthouse and one of the officers slain is one of those," said Liutenant Pat McWilliams, the Information Officer for the  Henderson County Sheriff's Department, "We all work very close there putting on a pretty good front right now" just today they remembered other officers who had payed the ultimate sacrifice.

"We had a memorial for fallen officers today," said McWilliams,"they were there today. The officers killed and the one's injured."

Within earshot of the gunfire, neighbors were in disbelief as this violence shook their rural community.

Janice Russell a neighbor said "you tell people you move to the country to get away from the violence and next thing you know it's in your front door"

"It's just a shocker. We see the cops go out. It's a shock to all of us. There has never been anything down here." said Amanda Quinonez, neighbor.

"Our prayers go out for them and their families. What they have got to deal with now because of some guy. It's ridiculous" said Brandon Ridgle, neighbor.

Neighbors familiar with the alleged shooter said they never were sure who they were going to encounter. One neighbor described him as a man that changed personalities often, saying "One day he would be the nicest man in the world and the next you would wonder if he was going to hurt you."

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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