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Auto Burglars Target East Texas Neighborhood

Police and residents are on high alert in an East Texas neighborhood, hit repeatedly by thieves.  Wednesday morning, Tyler Police arrested two teenagers in the Irish Meadows neighborhood, allegedly breaking into a car.  Police say those two may be just the tip of the iceberg.  

It was an early morning wake-up call for Anne Reich and her family Wednesday when police knocked on her front door.

"I seen six patrol cars with their lights going, and they asked if we owned a light blue pick-up on the side over there, and I said yes and they said well we just caught two kids that broke into your vehicle," said Anne Reich, victim.  Police arrested Jack Spurgin, 19 and a 14 year old in connection to the burglary, but police say Anne's truck was just one of ten vehicles hit that morning.

"We have determined that a lot of the activities, criminal activities that are happening at Irish Meadows are connected to a certain group of subjects that actually live in that area," said Officer Don Martin, Tyler Police Department.  Sharon White says these auto break-ins are becoming all too familiar.

"My daughter's car was hit the first time about a month ago, her back window was broken out and probably about 400 to 500 dollars worth of equipment was taken out, and this time it was my husbands," said Sharon White, victim.  Both Sharon and Anne say from now on they will keep a better watch on their homes, and say they want the thieves to know they are watching for them as well.

Police say they are still looking for two people connected to Wednesday's auto burglaries.  If you have any information, call Tyler Police.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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