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Record Gas Prices In Tyler

It's the equivalent of sticker shock. Tyler drivers are seeing record high gas prices. Right now, prices are more than $3.00 around town.

The state-wide gas price average is now $2.95-  Regular, $3.12- Mid-Range, $3.23- Premium and $2.83- Diesel.

KLTV 7 was there when the numbers were changing on the gas station marquees. Regular gas went up to $2.99, $3,00, to as high as $3.04 at some stations. That's believed to be a record for a gallon of gas in Tyler. And not the kind of record, drivers we talked to today were excited about.

      "I came into town I could not believe it because a couple of days ago I saw premium was $3.17. I just passed another gas station on 64 and it like. Oh my god," said Tyler motorist Tina Loving.

   "And I pulled up to get gas and it was $2.99 already. I don't know, I don't know what to say, I'm ready for it to stop, right now," said Tyler resident Shane Hargett.

Many drivers talked about possible car-pooling to save money, or looking into buying more fuel efficient cars.

Bob Hallmark, reporting,



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