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Three Suspects Rob Longview Hotel

  Three masked men break through locked doors and pull an early morning robbery at a Longview hotel. It happened around 1 this morning at a Hotel in the 800 block of north Access road, just off I-20 in Longview.   1 o'clock this morning and the night hotel auditor sees 3 men wearing masks, sunglasses and gloves break through the locked doors and head for her direction.

    "The clerk apparently saw them coming and was in the process of dialing 9-1-1 when they entered the office one of them ripped the phone out of her hand"  said Longview Police Sergeant Shaun Pendleton.

    Police say this was no random act, investigators say the suspect knew exactly what they wanted and they knew exactly what tools they needed to break through locked doors. The clerk is overwhelmed as she tries to call 9-1-1. One of the masked men immediately grabs the cash register, another goes into a back room and takes a locked safe. Within 60 seconds their gone. The clerk scrambled to another part of the hotel to call police.

    "Took the register took the safe and then they were gone we got there pretty quickly but they were in and out real fast, the report doesn't indicate that any type of weapons being displayed they were all wearing bandana's on their face,  hoods" Pendleton said.

      Those who work near the hotel are shaken after the incident, worrying that businesses close to the interstate are easy targets.

   "The business owners ought to be concerned, I could see where other businesses could be concerned because their closer to the road and a closer target" said area worker Betty Burns.

    "Unfortunately any business like that is a little more vulnerable than a business downtown, and then they can get on the interstate and be gone in a matter of just a few minutes" Pendleton says.

     Covering themselves well, the only clues are writings on the backs of the jackets their wearing, one with the number 50 on it.

    "They definitely knew what they were doing they were all wearing basically the same outfits, bandanas they knew exactly where to go how to get in where the safe was at, in and out real quick" Pendleton says.

    Police are hoping some clue will tell them who these men are.   Hotel workers say the 3 men made off with about 260- dollars.     If you have any information call Longview police or crime-stoppers.

Reported By Bob Hallmark;

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