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Red Light Camera Knocked Down Again

Not once, but twice. One of Longview's stop light cameras is once again out of commission.   The camera at Spur 63 and Highway 80 was knocked down by a motorist around eight o'clock Wednesday morning.   KLTV 7 found out what's being done to put the brakes on this happening again. 

The intersection's red light camera was installed about a month and half ago, but just five days after that, it was knocked down. And now, it's been knocked down a second time. It's a recurring theme that people are starting to notice.

"When I drove up, I said 'uh oh somebody knocked the camera down again,'" says driver Sherry Carlton.

"They should move it, they should move it now, I mean twice, really," says driver Ronald Jackett.

The pole has actually been hit four times and knocked down now twice. Basically, what's happening is drivers are parking in a certain parking spot, putting their car in reverse to back up, not seeing the pole and just knocking it over.

Brittany Velasquez works at Jucy's hamburgers, the restaurant people are backing out of. She saw both drivers hit the pole. 

"Both times that it happened they both said they didn't see it," she says.

The Longview Police Department is in charge of the program. They did install concrete pillars after the first time, but TxDOT had those taken down for safety reasons. 

"We're just going to have to see what we can do to see if we can find a remedy to see if we can keep this from happening a third time," says Sergeant Shaun Pendleton.

He says it's actually up to the company Redflex Traffic Systems to come up with a solution. We happened to catch up with a Redflex contractor out at the site. 

"It look like they're just backing straight out," says Kenneth Haines.

He says they're planning to move the camera because it's too much labor and too costly to keep repairing it. 

"It's still gonna be around this area, cause this high profile area dealing with red light runners, but I don't think it's going to be nowhere near this spot right here," Haines adds.

We've been told a construction engineer is heading out there tomorrow to evaluate where to put the new post.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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