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High Heel Hell

Every woman knows, sometimes when it comes to shoes, fashion trumps function. While many of us wonder why, Doctors say it is causing foot problems in millions of women.

Women all over East Texas love their high heeled shoes.

"I wear high heels because they make me feel pretty," said Ellen Krafve.

"You see them and they are cute and you have this perfect little outfit cute and stylish", Gina Smith said. She has loved shoes as long as she can remember, "Everybody says you definitely have the shoes."

But with that fashion, comes a little pain.

Dr. Timothy Beck with Azalea Orthopedics has been treating Gina for years.

"These two X-rays are comparison of her foot without a shoe on, and with her heel on. This shows how much shorter the distance between the heel and the knee, and it also shows the increased pressure that this part of the foot sees." Dr. Beck said.

The style of the shoes you wear is an important consideration but a quality that should not be overlooked is the fit of your shoes. Shoes that don't fit properly can cause problems such as bunions, hammertoe, "pump bumps," tight heel cords, toenail problems, joint pain in the ball of the foot, and stress fractures.

"That causes problems with pressure there. It can cause problems called Morton's Neruoma, it can cause callous and corns and pain that doesn't go away when you get out of the shoes," Dr. Beck suggests wearing open toed heels that don't push your toes together.

"Proper shoe fit and proper shoe usage. If you are going to wear a real high heel that is enclosed don't expect to wear it all day. Wear it for two hours at a time, or for that special occasion." said Dr. Beck.

For everyday shoes, there are other options available.

"They are harder to find but aren't quite as fashionable as women would like to have on their feet but there are options," Dr. Beck said.

Those options may be a good thing so in 30 years you don't regret the shoes worn today.

The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society has more smart tips for wearing high heels, a footwear guide, and ten points for proper shoe fit. The link is below.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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