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Henderson Students Honored For Overcoming Adversity

Some very special students are honored in Henderson.  Many have overcome the death of a parent, and many have had other big setbacks in their lives, yet still made it through to graduation.

"These are the types of students you notice when you walk the halls of Henderson High School, and they certainly have every reason to give up, but they don't," says school principal Stacey Sullivan.

The faces aren't just another in the yearbook.  They kept their smile through the toughest times in their lives. 

"My mother died about a year and two months ago, and I've just been going through school without her, but I just keep on and keep on," says Tristan Burney. 

He and 19 others "met the challenge", as the school's program proclaims.

Elizabeth Winfree struggled through the death of her father and her mother's battle with cancer.

"[I was] supporting myself my whole entire senior year all by myself," she says.  "Just to do it and know that I did it all by myself is pretty great."

Many students found themselves studying in the short amount of time between jobs they had to work to support their families. 

"You can do so much with your time, with all the hours of the day, you learn to value [time]. You're running 10 to 15 hours a day, then study and [spend time with] family, and I've learned to manage my time really well and it's prepared me for college," said Jonathan Sanders.

The students certainly have learned a lot of life lessons already.

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