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Rusk County Sheriff's Department Focus of Two Investigations

More rumor going around the City of Henderson. Two longtime officers have now resigned, as the Rusk County District Attorney names names.  

We know of two investigations ongoing concerning the Rusk County Sheriff's Department -- one we have already reported, that the FBI has started an investigation of civil rights violations.  Specifically, those allegations says the FBI supervisory agent-in-charge of the Tyler office is color of law, known to many as abuse or brutality.

Another investigation is also underway by Rusk County District Attorney Micheal Jimerson.   He sent letters to defense attorneys Friday saying that he had good information questioning the credibility of five officers, and bringing into doubt some cases they were involved in.

That's as much as those letters said.  A follow-up letter Tuesday dropped two names off that earlier list.

Three men remain under investigation by Jimerson: Former Chief Deputy Dusty Flanagan, former Lieutenant Johnny Davidson and Sergeant Jamie Campbell.

Flanagan resigned last week.  We have now learned Lieutenant Johnny Davidson has also resigned.  He turned in his resignation Monday.

Both men cited "personal reasons."  

KLTV spoke with the District Attorney Mike Jimerson, but he wouldn't comment on what his investigation is about.

More light will be shed on this by Sheriff Glen Deason.  He's called a press conference Wednesday morning.

Reported by Morgan Palmer. 

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