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5/15/07-East Texas

East Texans Remember Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell founded his conservative political organization in 1979, but Pastor Mark Edge with Shiloh Road Church of Christ says one of his most important accomplishments was six years earlier when he helped bridge the gap between Catholics and Protestants after the Roe v. Wade decision.

"Jerry Falwell was one of the first non-Catholics who said 'Wait. The Roman Catholic Church has it right here. There is value to life in the womb, and we need to begin trying to work together on trying to do something about that," says Edge.

A publicity blitz during the early 80's brought Falwell to East Texas where KLTV's Joan Hallmark had a chance to interview him.

"He believed very deeply in his principals, but I found him to be a listener. It was not that he lectured. He listened and really considered both sides of the question before answering, and I liked that," says Joan.

Dr. David Dykes with Green Acres Baptist Church knew Jerry Falwell personally and issued this statement to Channel 7:

"In public, he was often controversial and outspoken, but in private, he was a kind and gentle man who had the heart of a pastor. He will be greatly missed in the Southern Baptist Convention."

Brother Dale Perry with Friendly Baptist Church says in spite of his controversial politics, Reverend Falwell was first and foremost, a man of God.

"Everybody wants to talk about that, but Jerry Falwell, for the most part, was a Baptist pastor, and he wanted to make an impact on the world for Jesus," says Perry.

It's an impact Perry says will be felt for years to come.

Jerry Falwell leaves behind his wife and three grown children. He was 73.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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