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Postal Rate Increase Pennies For Some, Much More For Others

If you still mail letters, the price of a first-class stamp has now pushed to 41 cents.

For most folks, the only hassle is buying those two-cent stamps.  But for businesses and many folks who send packages through the mail, it's going to be a lot more expensive. 

Of all the costs in life, never does a couple of cents get as much attention.  Marilyn Wright runs a business and her home.

"It's going to make me go back to what I was doing.  I was paying online," says Wright.

She gave the post office another chance until Monday.

"And then it's gone up closer to 50 cents, and that's a horrible increase in the amount of bills you pay each month, really.  So now, I'm going to have to go back online and pay them because I think it's ridiculous," she says.

Starting today, the price of a standard one-ounce letter goes from 39 to 41 cents.  But that's not the big jump.  Those oddly-shaped postcards and many packages some send will jump up as much as 20 percent in price.

"Instead of being a rate-based postage, it's a shape-based postage," says Global Mailing Service's Joe Davis.

He says businesses will also get hit.

"That's where the largest increase is: on magazines and catalogues. [The customer is] going to see about a 36 percent increase," Davis says.

Some money can be saved, if mailings are done in larger batches.  There's a discount.  But Davis says in all of this there won't be too many smiles.

"[Mailing] is their livelihood. They don't really have an option."

For most businesses, the price will have to be passed on.

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