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Longview Restaurant Owners Hail Alcohol Vote

After decades of having to go through club status to sell alcohol, Longview voters have decided restaurants should sell with no strings attached.  Six out of the 7 propositions on yesterday's ballot were passed by Longview voters.  At Longview-area restaurants, it was all smiles after proposition 6 was passed.

"We're very happy, elated that proposition 6 passed.  It will really save our customers a lot of hassle, save our restaurants a lot of hassles, a lot of paper work that's not needed," said restaurant owner Gerard Cace.

Proposition 6, which allows restaurants to openly sell mixed drinks without club membership, passed by a margin of 55.3 % for, to 44.7 % against.  And many, from businessmen to customers say, it was about time.

"Oh we're really excited about it.  It's going to be a huge convenience to the customer, not only customers, but also businesses, the restaurant businesses all over town," said Brandon Barron of Barron's cafe.

"I'm tickled pink.  I'm real pleased that it was approved," said restaurant customer Arthur Williams.

Twenty-six million dollars in bond issues broken up into five propositions covering street and municipal repair to new fire substations, were all overwhelmingly approved by voters, all passing by 68 percent of the vote or better.

But proposition 7, which would have allowed dry areas, including grocery stores  to sell alcohol, failed with 3,764 votes against to 3.354 votes for.  But those wanting to do away with the club membership rule felt like the big winners.

"Cut out the paperwork an also the cost" Barron said.

"Longview's been behind and we had the local option election to change that and it will be much better for business all around," Cace says.

The vote will have to be canvassed by the city council.  It will take around two months for restaurants to make the transition from club designation to alcohol sales license.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com


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