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Four Arrested In Longview Motel Robbery

A frightening ordeal for a weary traveler at a Longview motel, as armed men force their way into his room, and rob him at gunpoint.   It happened Friday morning at the Economy Inn at 4700 Marshall Ave. 3:20 a.m. Friday morning.  Police say three armed men came crashing through the door of a room at the motel, catching a sleepy victim by surprise.

"They knocked on the door.  When the occupant opened the door, the males forced their way into the room," said Longview Police Sgt. William Howell.

After breaking in, one of the suspects then put a gun to the victim's head and that's when police say the man did the right thing:  he gave them what they wanted.

"Well, I mean, three o'clock in the morning and they're up looking for trouble, somebody we don't need around," said concerned area neighbor Stacey Johnson.

One suspect held a gun to the head of the male victim and demanded money. Staring down the barrel of a gun, the victim did the only thing he could o to survive, give them what they want.

"The victim cooperated with the suspects, gave his property to them and didn't do anything to put himself in danger.  Property is not worth getting hurt over," said Howell.

After taking the man's money and laptop computer, the men fled, but the victim and the motel manager gave police such complete descriptions, the suspects were caught within minutes.

"Traffic stop was initiated and they recovered all the weapons involved all the stolen property," said Howell.

Neilson Wall, 31,  Ricky Baker Jr., 24, and Tyrone Davis, 20, all from Longview, and Sammy Mcmillian, 26, of Beckville were all charged with aggravated robbery.  The victim's money and property were recovered. Police found four weapons they say were used during the robbery. The men remain in the Gregg County jail.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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