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5/10/07-Smith County

East Texas Woman Is Attacked By Pitt Bull, Her Dog Is Killed

An East Texas woman survives a pit bull attack, but her dog was killed. Last week, while playing with her dog outside, the Lindale woman says a pit bull came out of no where and knocked her to the ground.  Her five pound dog, who tried to help didn't make it.  It's an experience that has left her terrified to go outside. 

"Nobody should have to be terrified to out in their yard, and take their little puppies out with them and play," said Polly Scott, who was attacked by pit bull. "You shouldn't be terrified of that.  I have one female dog, and I'm scared to take her out." It was a week ago when the pit bull attacked Polly while she was outside playing ball with her dog Bailey.

"When he lunged for me, all I could do was put my hands up," said Scott.  "My hands were in the dog's mouth as he clamped down on them.  He knocked me to the ground and was on top of me." Polly says the dog bit right through her fingers, but the bite was too strong for Bailey.

"The pit bull let go of me and grabbed Bailey around the throat and broke his neck," said Scott.  Smith County Animal Control Officer Joey King says with no leash law in Smith County the owner of the pit bull is not liable for what happened.

"Right now, if a dog attacks another domestic animal, or if it attacks a human, bites another human, it has to be quarantined up to 10 days," said Joey King, Smith County Animal Control Officer, Precinct 4.  "After the 10 days it has to be pinned. We notify the owner of the dog it has to be contained, and if they fail to contain it he can be cited for failure to contain." King says he can only file criminal charges against the dog owner if the pit bull attacks a second time, but for Polly all it took was one attack to take her dog's life.

"He shouldn't have died," said Scott. "He was in his own yard playing ball with me.  He was just my baby."

There is a bill going through the state legislature right now that would hold owners responsible the first time a dog attacks. It would also require all dogs be kept on a leash.   Another bill would make it a third degree felony if an owner failed to secure a dog that makes an unprovoked attack. If the victim dies, the crime would be a second degree felony.  

King says, in this case, the owner of the pit bull has turned the dog over to the county.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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