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ET Woman Awarded Diploma After Death

When Ladama Hunter was a little girl, she was told she would never go to college, but the 34- year-old single mother always dreamed of a brighter future for her and her family.

Travis Webb met LaDama back in December when he was writing an article on students overcoming disabilities.

"She was just very capable woman. Nothing stopped LaDama Hunter. Nothing. I suddenly felt, I felt that my own problems weren't quite as bad as I had thought," says Hunter.

Donna Kachlic has known LaDama for three years. She says not only was she smart and ambitious, but she was a woman of intense faith.

"She wanted to give back to people. She felt she was very blessed and gifted by her creator, and she wanted to use those gifts for whatever purpose was intended," says Kachlic.

LaDama was just months away from getting her diploma when she was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer. We're told within a few days, she died.  On Saturday, UT Tyler will symbolically award a diploma to LaDama's three children, and they are stressing it's not  something they are just giving to her. They say she worked very hard for it, and earned it on her own.

It's the fulfillment of a dream that started years ago in the heart of a woman who was taken too soon.

This is only the second time UT Tyler has awarded a diploma after someone's death.

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