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Hallsville Student Scores Perfect Attendance

       Over fourteen years of school, a Hallsville student has never missed a day, and is being recognized for it.    19 year old Brett George of Hallsville believes in the value of education, and he's got the record to prove it. From pre-school to high-school, he's got perfect attendance for 14 years.

     "What my dad does he stresses like if you don't get and education you ain't going to get a real good job" says Brett.

      "Having a kid like Brett is awesome you get a student who comes to school everyday shows up where he's supposed to be takes care of their grades" says high school principal Dr. Brian Morris.  

      He's never even been tardy to class.

  "Let me put it this way I've had to run to classes sometimes" says Brett.

       He even played 4 years of high school football as a lineman,  sore but never absent from school. And it's a family tradition. His sister had perfect attendance for 13 years. His father only missed one full day. To Brett there's a simple reason to come every day.

    "More your friends pretty much yeah because you get hang out with them all day" George says.

    "We're real proud of Brett and know that he's worked very hard to get here" says Morris.

     Rain or shine , sick or well, for Brett it's a character issue. George will be recognized at his high school graduation ceremonies May 25th , when congressman Louie Gohmert and senator Kevin Eltife will present him with special achievement honors. Brett hopes to continue his streak in college.

Reported By Bob Hallmark/bhallmark@kltv.com.

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