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A Better East Texas:Miranda Lambert

You may have noticed that Miranda Lambert is up for two Academy of Country Music awards, including top female vocalist and new female vocalist. When I first heard the news I thought how grateful I am that we have someone like her representing East Texas rather than say, Paris Hilton. Unfortunately for Miranda and the thousands of role model seeking teenagers out there the Paris Hilton freak show will probably get more headlines.

Joan Hallmark tells me Miranda is very family oriented.  She's always been close to her parents. In fact she and her dad write music together. She's grounded and unpretentious. Although it would be easier to move to Nashville she prefers to make east Texas home. I understand that's because she's proud of being from Lindale and East Texas. Well Miranda, we want you to know we're proud of you. And Miranda's family we want you to know we're proud of you too. Most east Texans acknowledge that character building starts at home and your family makes this a better east Texas.


Viewer Comments:

I want to say yet another "thank you" to KLTV for the continued support and encouragement you've shown Miranda and our family. 

I recently received the disc in the mail of the commentary that "everybody and their brother" called me about on the morning it aired. I can see, after viewing it,  why they called me and told me I had to see it! What a glowing report on our family and Miranda's pride in her East Texas home. 

We appreciate the notice you all take in the fact that she has continued to live in this community and her dedication to bring growth and the acclaim it deserves. I can scarcely think of any interview that she doesn't mention her Lindale and East Texas roots. We will see to it that she stays true to those things!

Once again, thanks to Brad and the entire staff at KLTV that make us "Proud of East Texas"!!

Bev Lambert

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