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The A&M 'War Class' Comes To Tyler

The A&M Class of 1945 is more commonly known as the 'war class.'  They're a group of men who all served in the A&M corp and were called up for active duty before getting their boots their senior year.

Clifford Slagle of Dallas says, "We didn't stay in long enough to get them when we got called to service, and after we came back, we weren't in the corp."

Every year, the remaining veteran Aggies get together and trade a few war stories and reminisce about their time at school.

Bob Layton of Tyler says, "We talk about being freshman; some of the funny things we used to get involved in. I wish that we would have had our senior year there."

Today, they took a tour of the city and ended up at the Historical Aviation Memorial Museum; a  place that brought back a lot of memories.

Bill Taylor of San Antonio says, "I was in the Army for a while, and then, I was in the Army Air Force. I flew in B-26's in WWII and F-86's in Korea. I've flown several of these airplanes."

Clifford Slagle was stationed stateside.

"When the finished airplanes came in, they came down there. We did the improvements and then put crews with them and sent them over seas," says Slagle.

He says he worked on nearly every plane in the museum.

The Class of '45 was the largest A&M had ever seen, and half of them traded in their maroon gear for military uniforms. Many of their schoolmates were killed in action, but the one's who returned share a love for their school and for their country they say can't be understood by anyone else.

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