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Students Building A Toaster Van For Art Car Competition

It's a toaster, you can drive down the road and local students have spent almost six months making it happen. Wednesday Longview and Pine Tree high schoolers are headed to Houston to participate in the city's art car show. The two rivals have come together as one in the name of art.

It may look like a regular van, but this one has a crumb tray. Students call it their "toaster van."

"I was kind of like surprised, 'a toaster?!' but then we like 'yeah, that's kinda cool,'" says Marisol Esquivel, an LHS senior.

It all started with one creative, off the wall idea.

"One the of the guys, Josh, goes 'wow if we get that van, we can do the brave little toaster' and so from there it became we had to have a van and do the toaster van," says the art teacher, Jeff Hull.

Students in the Art Car Club then spent months planning the design.

"The buttons on the back [of this toaster], we have them on the van too," says Marisol.

They used a store-bought toaster as their inspiration and just started building the pieces, including this life-size "plug" that will be pulled behind the van with a student sitting inside.  

"[It's] hard work, a lot of hard work," says sophomore Michael Dotson.

But students say the coolest part is the pop tarts that actually go pop with the help of a lift inside. 

"I think the idea of making the pop tart pop that's probably going to be different than the others," Marisol adds.

And the Longview High Schoolers didn't do alone, Pine Tree students worked on the van too.

"We took off the accessories and we fixed a couple holes, painted it added some decals to it, did pretty much the paint work and everything mostly on it," says Pine Tree junior Jeff Bridges.

"To collaborate from school to school, you don't hear about that very often," says teacher Hull.

It's a rivalry turned comradery and hopefully a van turned art car winner.

"I think we're going to win, I have a lot of confidence," says Michael.

Because let's face it, who wouldn't vote for a two-ton pop tart-popping toaster on wheels... Look's good to me...good enough to eat!

This is the fifth year Longview High School has participated in Houston's art car show. One year they placed second in the youth division.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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