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A Possible Summer Break on Gas Prices

For 3 straight months now, gas prices have crept higher, reaching about $2.87 a gallon.

To combat these hikes, the Texas House has tenatively passed a measure that would give folks a summer tax break on their driving.

While the twenty cent per gallon drop would make a difference, it still has a long road to becoming reality.

"Gas isn't exactly what I want to be spending my money on all the time," said Taylor Dick, a frustrated driver.

"I think its ridiculous. I think they are making too much money and the little people are suffering," Janet Wurm told KLTV.

East Texans spoke unanimously: gas prices are just outrageous.

Relief may be in sight if the Texas House and Senate agree on the proposed state gas tax break. It would be a three month free from the twenty cents per gallon state tax.

This three month gas tax holiday comes with a big price tag. Its estimated it would cost the state between 500 and 800 million dollars. That's money that the state would have to find somewhere else.

East Texas State Senator Kevin Eltife says for that reason this bill faces many obstacles, "If you do that it will take 700 million dollars away from the fund that pay for roads, streets, bridges, and improvements. My concern is that we have so many transportation needs in the state that won't get the needed money ."

So while drivers are waiting and hoping, for now their only choice is to simply pay up.

Once the House gives final approval to the bill later this week, the bill would return to the senate. It requires two thirds approval from both chambers and the Governor's signature to take immediate effect.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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