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Plus-Size Brides Having Hard Time Finding Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress is already a daunting task, but if you're a plus-size woman it may be even more difficult.

Nearly 70% of American women wear a size 12, or larger. So, it's no surprise more and more brides are saying- it's okay to be curvy on their wedding day.

"Everybody is different sizes, shapes and color. The selection was small in my size," said Tori Harris. "I can't find anything in my size, and I am a plus-size woman. It was kind of hard."

Tori is searching for what all brides want: the dress of their dreams. Whether you are a size 0 or 16, you still want that dress.

Lisa Harnage, another frustrated bride, said, "I think a lot of the sizes are in the smaller sizes."

The dresses in the stores have typically been in sizes 8, 10, or 12, but as America changes, so has the bridal industry.

JoAnn Ower is Owner and Manager of Brides & Belles in Tyler, "More and more people are not a size 8 or 10. They are either smaller than an eight or 10, or they are larger than an eight or 10. So we are seeing the size charts starting at a zero and going all the way to a 30 now and used to they went from a four to a 20 that was the range."

Frustrated brides come in often JoAnn said, "They ask what we have in an 18 or a 20; I tell them we have hundreds. And they go 'Really? We've been everywhere and nobody even has dresses that we can try on.'"

The larger sizes have not only been hard to find, but are more expensive.

"A few years ago every manufacturer had an up charge when you got to an 18," said JoAnn. "More and more manufacturers are offering all the sizes at the same price."

Thankfully, Tori found the dress. "It's a big relief to finally found it because I only have about 87 days left. It's exactly what I was looking for: simple, beautiful."

In addition to small boutiques that carry larger sizes, chain stores like David's Bridal and Lane Bryant have bridal gowns up to size 32. Shopping online is another option for full- figured women.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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