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East Texas Religious Leaders Explain Significance of King Herod Discovery

King Herod was known for many things in the Bible as both a great builder and a ruthless leader.

"He had the children killed who were two years of age and under, trying to kill baby Jesus," says Pastor Dale Perry with Friendly Baptist Church.

Pastor Perry has been to the Holy Land and says he's not surprised such a painstaking excavation at Herodium has taken more than 35 years.

"It's so huge, it's so big that they meticulously have to go through and take out the archaeological facts," says Perry.

But archaeology and one's spiritual beliefs shouldn't go hand in hand says Rabbi Neal Katz with Congregation Beth El.

"I don't personally subscribe to the idea that the archaeology of the land of Israel will shape one's faith. It's faith on the basis of it being faith," says Katz.

Pastor Perry agrees,"We believe that the Bible is true. All it does is substantiate that the bible is true in what is says. There was a Herod the Great. He was a great builder and he was a great king of Israel."

Katz says one purpose this discovery may serve is unearthing Israel's rich biblical history. One Perry says everyone should experience in their lifetime.

"It really gives you a greater understanding of the bible, a greater understanding of what we believe as Christians," says Perry.

The archaeologist who discovered the tomb says although there were no bones found inside it. It's ornate appearance indicates it belongs the Herod the Great.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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