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Props 6 and 7 On Ballot Getting Lots Of Attention

It all started with the signatures of 6,000 citizens to change the way alcohol was sold in Longview, now those petitions have become two of the most talked about propositions on the ballot.

It's no longer just a battle of the signs around Longview.  Now, political ads, both for and against propositions six and seven, are popping up all over, including TV commercials and full page ads in the newspaper. 

One in particular touts how unfair it is for southern precincts and "outside-Longview companies" to decide the fate of north Longview. 

"Out of towners are trying to run our business, their headquarters are out of town, they're trying to change the north part of Longview from dry to wet and they're not letting those people up there decide their own fate," says Don Talley.

Beer Barn owner Don Talley is responsible for the ad, which lists seven corporations, all based outside of Longview, as giving thousands of dollars, with Walmart contributing the most.

"I wanted people to know what Walmart was trying to pull over on them," he says.

But Gerard Cace, owner of Johnny Cace's Seafood Restaurant, is a member of the East Texas Restaurant Association and he says it contributed 15,000 dollars, the same amount as Walmart.  

"It's misleading, trying to talk about outside money coming to town when the all the restaurants, on this list, they have sales here in Longview," he says.

Cace says the ad fails to list all the local restaurants that have contributed money and support proposition six and seven.  

"[It's] not a true representation of who's giving to the election, because we gave money to it and we're not on the list," he adds.

Now, only time will tell, at least until May 12, if voters are as divided as local business owners.

Gerard Cace says his group--East Texans United for Better Business--is also running full page ads in the newspaper this week.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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