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Fire Destroys Gladewater Home

An East Texas family is left with literally nothing, after a fire destroys their home while they're away.  It happened early this morning around 12:30 at a home in the 1,000 block of Canfield St. in Gladewater.  It was just after midnight that neighbors say they heard something explode inside this Gladewater home, and within minutes the long-time residence of Cindy and Wayne Wilson was gone.

"They don't have anything nothing was salvageable.  Your life could change in the blink of an eye.  Ours did at 12:30 this morning," said the Wilson's son-in-law, Mike Hines.

It had been home to generation's, grandparents, parents and children and the Wilson were renovating the home when the fire broke out.  "They lost everything and I have a lot of memories in this house, just like anybody else.  If they lost something like this, it would be totally devastating.  They lost everything," Mike said.

Numerous members of the family grew up in this house and the hardest part is that all of those memories are now gone.  "It's very hard because my mom and dad lived here first.  They need everything.  There's no insurance whatsoever," said Cindy Wilson's sister, Dee Osborn.

For the family, the hardest part was knowing that the home they had loved and many had grown up in, would never be back.  With no money and no insurance, their family has only one way to turn.

"We need people to just please help, we need help please help us," Dee said.  "It could happen to anybody it could happen to you," said Hines.  

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.  Friends and family are trying to set up a relief fund at east Texas bank and trust.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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