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High Gas Prices Turn Off Pumps At Local Gas Station

As gas prices continue to soar--this week's state average a whopping $2.86 for regular unleaded--many drivers are feeling pain at the pump. But one Longview gas station owner is feeling the pain too, having to call it quits on selling gas.

"It's going up more every time, you can't visit, you can't take care of business," says driver Barbara Evans.

Spring Hill Pit Stop owner Kevin McCloskey knows the feeling. That's because while drivers fill up at other gas stations, across town, his is empty.  

"It's really depressing in a way," he says.

Because of the rising prices, he's had to turn off his pumps and turn his customers away.  

"Doesn't feel real good to go out there and say 'sorry I'm out of gas,'" he adds.

McCloskey says because the price jumped so quickly, he just couldn't keep up. 

"The profit that I make on one load of gas pays for the next load so if I didn't make any money or it went it up like it did, then I don't have the money to buy it."

AAA reports the national average has jumped about 30 cents in just a month, not only shocking drivers, but also pumping local stations like his dry.

"For years, I've tried to be the place where people could go for everything in one spot, but the gas kind of went out the window," he chuckles.

McCloskey can laugh because he owns a full-service station and can rely on other services besides gas, but he says it's no telling how much he'll have to empty his wallet to fill these pumps up again.

Kevin McCloskey has owned the full-service gas station since 1999 and says he's had to turn off the pumps before, but never because of a soar in prices this fast.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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