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Police Department Says It Arrested City's Main Drug Dealer

A local police force says with one arrest Thursday, they solved a lot of their city's drug problems.  Monday morning, Winnsboro police arrested a Pittsburg man they say has been driving into their city and selling thousands of dollars worth of crack cocaine.  It's a man, police say, all of East Texas should be glad is off the streets. 

"I feel pretty good," said Lieutenant Roderick Hashaway, Winnsboro Police Department. "I feel pretty good. I got a major crack dealer off the street."

For the past year, Lieutenant Roderick Hashaway has been working the narcotics business in the city of Winnsboro, trying to clean up his community.

"It was a big problem in Winnsboro, big problem," said Hashaway. "I think since we've been here, myself, Chief Miller and Lieutenant Hirsh, since we took over we made over a 100 narcotics arrests."   Thursday, Hashaway says he feels like he hit the jackpot, knowing Kelvin McCain, 38 of Pittsburg is now behind bars.

"He's bringing 90 percent of the crack to the city of Winnsboro," said Hashaway. "He's also been known to be selling drugs in other parts of the East Texas area."  When Winnsboro police learned McCain would be driving into their city this morning to make a drug deal, they say they waited for him on Highway 11, pulled him over and arrested him. That's when they found more than nine grams of crack cocaine on him worth about $1,500.

"Bringing this crack in, we have zero tolerance," said Hashaway. "We are not going to have that.  It means a lot to get Kelvin McCain off the streets." It's a message, Winnsboro police send to all those who try to sell drugs in their city.

Police say McCain was convicted back in the late '90's for delivery of a controlled substance. Today, McCain was charged with both delivery and possession of narcotics. He faces life in prison.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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