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Passengers Stranded At Tyler Pounds

Severe weather continues to hammer down on East Texas. The weather has caused delays and cancellations at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

Many passengers waited after their flights were delayed, others chose to rent cars and drive to Dallas or Austin. Kevin Williams and his wife were supposed to leave for Orlando Florida at 6:40 Thursday morning.

"We got here about six o'clock this morning," said Kevin "They told us our flight was delayed and probably would not leave until 12:30, so we went home. Came back and then that one got delayed again. Our plane that was headed here and had to turn around and go back to Houston. And as of right now we are on standby on another flight to get out of here about 6:30."

Marie Andersen was also stranded at Tyler Pounds. "It was due to leave at 12:30 and it's now three p.m. and they say maybe at four. But you can tell the size of a person by what it takes to get their goat. So so far this hasn't gotten my goat. I'd rather be safe than sorry," said Marie.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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