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Thousands Attend Home Schooling Conference In Big Sandy

    30 years ago not many people could tell you what home schooling was, but now, more than 2-million families do it nationwide. This week, a small army of home schoolers are at the Alert Academy in Big Sandy, brushing up on the best ways to educate their children at the annual home schoolers conference.

    "More than anything else I think the kids have confidence, they have confidence in who they are confidence in what they're doing and where they're going" says Mississippi home schooler of 11 children, Terri Kelly.  

    There are 25-hundred people from all over the U.S. and as far away as Australia,  and Taiwan at the conference. With one thing in common: home schooling.

    "One of the things that was important in home schooling was to pass on character development" said San Antonio native Sheila Pradia, who home schools 9 children.

     They believe it's their best option.

     "As we invest more and more money in public education performance has gone down , but home schooling works much better by far" says California attorney and home schooler Roger Magnusson.

     Across the board home schoolers say their kids have a better quality education, and go on the be confident and successful in whatever they do, many going on to Ivy League colleges.

     "Most kids go to school and become dependent on their peers and i'm dependant on my family and that's good I think" says 18 year old home school student Danielle Fox.  

    And home schooled kids are getting noticed.

   "I'm really impressed by the quality and the character of the people we have from home schools" Magnusson says.

    "There's something different about them they have character they have confidence" says Kelly.  

      They say unlike public school, in their classrooms there are no distractions, no peer pressure, no popularity contests.  

  The 3 day conference is not a vacation for the kids. They have to complete their school every day. But it's not all work, the kids will have activities like choir practice and physical fitness provided by the Alert Academy cadets.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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