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Tyler Traveler's Big Texas Tale

We all know Texas is big, and everything in Texas is big, but so "big" is our reputation that many traveling for work or pleasure around the world just can't get away from the instant recognition of being "Texan."

Phil Burks, in his job, has been all over the world, and Texas is big everywhere.

"It's bigger than life," he says.

It's the image of Texas, the ten-gallon hat, and the TV show "Dallas" that has conjured up an image.

"I've been in Japan with Motorola and people want to know 'Where is your horse?" or "where's your hat?"

On a trip to London he was riding around, and saw a bit of Anglicanized Texana.  The Texas Embassy Cantina.  Inside, he found a bumper sticker attached to the bar.

"I saw something that just startled me and I looked around, and I said, 'You have just got to see this,'" he said to his wife.

"[I] pointed out as big as Dallas, [a bumper sticker that] says 'Our Sheriff, J.B. Smith.' Can you believe that?" Burks says.

The sheriff wasn't out campaigning in London, was he?

"How they got my bumper sticker, I do not know.  But that came from an election almost eight years ago," says Sheriff Smith.

"Being from Texas brings a lot of recognition, and even being from East Texas gets you a lot more recognized," says Burks.

"I guess it makes you feel important that we have made a mark on the world, and we have. I've been traveling on airplanes and I'm in Europe or in South America and you strike up a conversation. Somebody knows somebody in Tyler, Texas, near us, or something."

Proof Texas is a state bigger than it's borders.

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