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Emergency Warning Sirens: 2 Instead of 5, Now Not Working

And then there were two. That's how many emergency warning sirens the Longview Fire Department says are not working.  Last month, five of them failed to sound. In a monthly test Wednesday, two didn't work.  One, near Spring Hill Water Tower, failed previous tests and another, off of Pliler Precise Road, is the first time to fail.   The Longview Fire Department says they have been working closely with the manufacturer and the contractor to get all the sirens working. They says many of the problems were due to faulty electrical wiring and lack of parts for the older sirens. 

Interim Chief Kenny Southwell, Longview Fire Department, says, "We are continuing to work on this project, it is a work in progress; we've taken it from five to two of the 16, and so, we're going to continue to work on those projects and bring it down to zero, hopefully by our next interview. "

Interim Chief Southwell says they are also working to finish the installation of four new sirens around the city.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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