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"Does It Work?"-10/16/07

iSlice: "Does It Work?"

It's a sign of the times. Retailers have been forced to extremes, in order to protect their products from theft.   Trouble is, the honest person who pays for the product, faces the same difficulty trying to open that theft proof package when they get home.   Enter the i-Slice...a simple little device that's supposed to cut through everything except you.   Ah...but "Does it Work?" 

A lot of the products we test on "Does it Work?" come in hard to open, hard plastic containers. That's why we're testing the iSlice.   Interesting...the iSlice itself comes in one of those hard to open packages.  We grab some scissors...for the last time we hope.

On the package, it says the ceramic blade is sharp enough to cut coupons, open CDs, even open hard plastic packages.  Yet it won't cut your finger. Sure enough, we shed no blood with this...and we tried.

We start with the plastic package the iSlice came in.  First some dos and don'ts.  Don't try to drag the edge of the iSlice down at an angle. The directions say you must run the bottom edge flat across the cutting surface. Now, we're ready for our first cut. "Wow, look at that," I replied.  The iSlice package opened with very little pressure over and over again. But here at "Does it Work?", we don't give out a "yes" easily. Just in case, I've brought along some other packages.  

One is the same package shown on the front of the iSlice package. It's a little thicker than the first one we tried.   One try.  Two tries.  We tried over and over.  The iSlice would leave a good scratch, but the blade just wasn't long enough to cut through the thicker clear plastic unless we bent the packaging back and forth along the scratch or scored it multiple times along the same line.  Even then, it didn't work most of the time.  In fact, using just one pass, it wouldn't cut through any of the packages we tried, except the plastic package IT came in.  Upon further inspection, it was obvious that the iSlice packaging was much thinner that virtually all of the packaging most consumer electronic stuff is put in these days.

The iSlice did great cutting coupons and opening CDs...but for our purposes...cutting open plastic packaging--"Does it Work?"  We have to give it a "no".

The iSlice is $4.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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