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Where Are The Bees? What Does This Mean?

Its a growing agricultural mystery: Where are all the bees? Not only have they been dying in mass numbers but we rely on honey bees for pollinating fruits and vegetables.

It has local bee keeper Dick Counts worried about the rapidly declining honey bee population, "I've been doing honey bees for over 32 years. I started in 1974 with a friend." "Honeybees are in bad shape and have been for quite a few years, two years ago unreported and unnamed bees started disappearing by the thousands," Counts added "We have always lost some bees. I probably lose 10-15 percent every year but this year I've probably lost 25 percent of my bees."

This hits home more than people think, one-third of our daily diet is based on crops produced by honeybee pollination.

"Over 40 common vegetables that we eat on a weekly basis require honeybee pollination. Without those the public wont see this until the price gets high. Someday its going to get serious if we don't find some answers to it," Counts remarked.

Scientists have been struggling to figure out what the problem is. Many theories have been suggested but none have been proven.

"The current problem is called colony collapse disorder we have several theories radiation from cell phones I can't deny it but my question is cell phones have been around along time," Counts said.

While the cause of the decline is not known, the bees play a vital role in our everyday lives. Their decline could make our lives more expensive, and if things don't turn around, potentially disastrous.

What would happen if bees eventually disappear? "According to Einstein the human race will be extinct in four years," said Counts.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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