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Good Samaritan Neighbor Helps In Arrest

A good Samaritan intercepts some suspected burglars, reportedly trying to take off with her neighbor's cars.  It happened in south Tyler just off Paluxy Drive in the 2600 block of Roy Road.

Danielle Krall was paying attention, she noticed something out of the ordinary from her bedroom window.

"At that moment my adreneline was going so bad and I got all pumped up like watching 'COPS' but actually being there," Krall said. " I just happened to look outside and I saw two guys in a vehicle fiddling with their keys. I glanced outthere and they were fiddling with more keys. I guess they found the right keys to the car. I don't know but they got in the cars and left. I told my boyfriend to call the Police. I grabbed my keys and ran out of the house."

"They finally caught on that I was chasing them so they started turning around on me and trying to lose me," said Krall, "The chase lead from here all the way to Old Jacksonville Highway."

Because she was on the phone with dispatch Tyler Police were able to catch up with the cars and arrest Blake Scott of Tyler and Cody Johnson of Tyler. They face charges of Residential Burglary and Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle.

"I'm just glad that my neighbors got their cars back and everything was fine," said Krall.

Police say everything Danielle did was textbook. If you are in a situation like this Police say to call them immediately, get as many details as possible like license plate numbers, and most importantly stay on the phone with Police.

Danielle Capper, Reporting


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