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Two Props On Ballot Deal With Alcohol Sales

Longview's bond package isn't the only big-ticket item on the May 12th ballot. The other is alcohol sales. Two propositions--six and seven--deal with the way alcohol is sold in Longview and they're already generating a lot of buzz around town. 

It's not dry and it's not wet, it's damp and two propositions on the May ballot would make the city of Longview a little more damp.  Proposition six deals with restaurants. It would no longer require them to be private clubs to serve alcohol.   If passed, that means no more filling out applications to become a member.  

Proposition seven deals with grocery and convenience stores, allowing them to sell beer and wine anywhere in the city. That means, if Prop seven passes, Super One's Food grocery store in North Longview, would be able to sell beer and wine just like the one in South Longview.

It's two propositions that are creating a sign war throughout the city. Texas Roadhouse owner John Swope is all for six and seven, saying it's a hassle for restaurants to be private clubs.  

"The economic growth that we can achieve through more restaurants and more companies coming to town, I think is the number one benefit from it," he says.

He sees it as more taxes, more jobs, and ultimately more people moving to Longview. But Beer Barn owner Don Talley isn't buying it

"It won't be anymore taxes, just be more places for minors to buy it," he says.

He's against Prop six and seven because of the increase in competition and he says strip clubs will follow where the alcohol goes.

Now it's the hands of the voters to decide just how and where they'll be able to get their next round.

Early voting for the May 12th election started Monday and goes through the 8th at Longview City Hall on Cotton Street.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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