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Letourneau Makeover House Finished

    A homeowner now has a new place to live thanks to the help of local businesses and students and Letorneau university. After an extreme makeover, a Morgan street house in Longview became the focus of thanks on all sides. Torn down on good Friday, the home of 57 year old Brenda Taliaferro would take on a biblical theme.

     Based on the bible number 3, Christ was in the tomb 3 days before his resurrection. In John 2, he said tear this temple down and I will rebuild it in 3 days. This house was rebuilt in 3 weeks.

      "I think my favorite part I guess is the yard, all I can say to these kids is thank you" says Taliaferro.

   "It's been amazing from tearing each board out seeing all the people coming out to work it just amazing" said project member and Letourneau freshman Tyrell Draker.

      No longer with leaking pipes, or crumbling ceilings, dozens of businesses donated materials and dozens of Letourneau university students provided labor.

    "Seeing the house the way it was and being able to be a part of that has just been moving. Makes me wish we could help more people" says Draker.

    For many it was proof that good things can happen. You only have to try.

   "There are times that we read negative stories and we think we've lost a generation of young people but these students at Letourneau have really showed me that we haven't lost a generation of young people they've showed their heart by giving of themselves" said Letourneau staff member Carlton Mitchell.

     The Taliaferro family is expected to be able to move into the home by Wednesday. Bob Hallmark/bhallmark@kltv.com

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