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Remembering A Fallen Hero

A community gathers to remember a person they call a fallen hero.  Clint Thrasher, 32, of Henderson died Wednesday when the Border Patrol plane he was piloting when down just north of San Manuel, TX. 

His family, friends, and fellow servicemen laid him to rest.

"Ladies and gentlemen that is what makes a man a great man. That is what makes this country what it is today," said Office Of Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar.

Clint Thrasher was remembered as a devoted serviceman, and family man.  "America has lost a very special man, a special breed of men and women, willing to do what other men and women won't do: resolve. He knowS what he wanted to do and he set his focus he set an objective he did it and did it well," said Aguilar.

"His reputation preceded him as a hard working hard charging kind of man.  And Clint will not be forgotten by his family or his fellow servicemen,"said Air Interdication Agent Mario Sanchez.

"There will always be an aircraft with Clint thrasher's name on the side of an aircraft.  He'll be flying with his peers and commanders," said Assistant Commissioner Michael Kostelnik with the Office of CBP Air and Marine.

"This tragedy will not be over Sunday night when we lay his body to rest."

As friends said America lost a devoted man that should never be forgotten.  Two flags will be flown over the State capitol this week and will then be presented to Thrasher's two daughters. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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