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"It Inspired Alot Of People"

Ron Springs was known for his quick feet as a star running back for the Dallas Cowboys in the early 1980's.

But two decades later, diabetes forced a few of his toes to go numb. Then, a foot. Finally, that foot was removed.

Enduring the stress at Ron's side was his best friend, Everson Walls.

"If anything were to happen to (Ron), it would just really tear our family apart," Everson said. "It really would."

Ron began dialysis but it was of little help.

"He wouldn't have made it another three years on dialysis," Everson said.

Ron needed a new kidney. After two family members were not matches, Everson shared Ron's heartache. It was during that time, Everson decided he would not let his friend be disappointed anymore.

"It was just like family donating to family in that regard," he explained. "We're so intertwined."

That was just two months ago. Everson and Ron are both still recovering from the transplant but are expected to be fine. What was not expected was the media attention that struck when the news was leaked.

"We wanted to keep it a secret and of course his son came out with the information," Everson laughed.

But, Everson says now he's glad it did not remain a secret and hopes he continues to receive attention for the gift to his best friend.

"We're trying to bring awareness to organ donation," he said. "Some people talked about donating themselves. If I can inspire someone to donate then, no, I don't want (the attention) to die down, because that means diabetes wins. "
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