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Bikers Crawfish Boil In Longview

Thousands of bikers make their way to Longview today for an annual feast and fundraiser.  By hundreds and thousands, they rumbled their way into Longview for an annual crawfish feast at Mom's Biker Bar, that brings friends back to East Texas to meet again.

"Camping out back we stay here two or three days and just have a boat load of fun," said Dallas biker Larry Bishop.

The guest of honor:  3,500 pounds of crawfish, the main dish.  But that's only a sidelight to why people come back every year.

"Been coming here about 10 years or so I mean you run back into people that you maybe haven't seen in a couple of years and it's just like old times.  It's a lot of fun," said biker John Coughennowner.

They're doctors.  They're lawyers.  They're accountants but for at least one weekend out of the year they get to be hard-core bikers.

"It brings a bunch of people together we have a great time its just like family coming together and a wonderful time for everybody," said Liberty city biker Cindy Denmon.

 They shed their rough tough image for music and good times, and the event has become international, with bikes being brought over from Europe.  More than just and event to raise money.  It's become a reunion of sorts.

"A lot of people haven't seen each other in 20 years," said Denmon.

Twice a year, Mom's Biker Bar holds events like this to raise money for local charities, including Truman Smith Children's Care Center.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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