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Track Meet For Special Needs Kids

    It was a day in the sun for a group of special needs athletes in Longview today,  in an annual event that brings out the best in competitors. The 20th Annual Cardinal Track and Field meet at Lobo stadium featured racing and even bowling and kids from elementary to high school. Over 100 athletes got to participate.

     "We do this to where all the students get to show off their talents and abilities and their all winners" said Sandra Edney, L.I.S.D. Adaptive Physical Education Teacher.

      Supported by family and friends, the kids learned something much more important than competing or winning not giving up.

     "This day means a lot to the students it means a lot to the staff, its an event that the students look forward to every year" Edney says.

     The payoff was in the faces of the children,  they did what they came to do. The lesson  to the children was simple, when life knocks you down, you get up and go at it again.

    "They do just as much as anyone else can, worth more than a million dollars. You see a young man that is in a race and falls down , gets back up falls down again but he finishes that race their not quitters" says Edney.

    All the kids who participated today, no matter what place they finished, were awarded a medal.

   Reported By Bob Hallmark; .

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