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Meals on Wheels Places Executive Director On Leave

The Meals on Wheels board of directors has responded to the recent arrest of their Executive Director.   Mike Powell faces felony meth charges for his arrest in Wood County on April 5th.

On Friday, Board President Timothy Hunt released this statement:

The Executive Committee of Meals On Wheels, Inc.(MOW), on behalf of the Board of Directors as authorized by the bylaws of MOW, has placed Mr. Mike Powell in the position of "paid administrative leave" effective immediately until forthcoming review and action by the Board of Directors.

At this time our Director of Development, Mr. Jim Wooldridge will provide support in the position of Interim Executive Director, and with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall handle the responsibilities of the position.  

It is with deep regret and heartfelt allegiance to the ministry of the organization that this action is taken. The ministry provided by this organization to this community and the ten surrounding counties it serves, through its staff, donors, and volunteers, stands firm on its merits and purpose.

In conclusion, the board wishes to express that Mr. Powell has and always will exude a passion for the purpose of the Meals On Wheels ministry that is second none, and will continue to provide his support and extensive knowledge as required during this time. It is our sincere desire through love and prayer that all results of this situation will work for the betterment of this ministry and ultimately to the glory of God."

  Michael Powell was arrested in Mineola on April 5th, along with his brother. Police say they found Meth and Marijuana in their truck. In an interview earlier this week with KLTV, Mike Powell  said the drugs belonged to his brother; and he had no idea they were in the truck.

 Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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