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Hundreds Join In Women's Night Out

It was all about the ladies since it was Women's Night Out. KLTV joined hundreds of East Texas women.

For Casey Lawrence it was a night without the husband or the baby. She was with her two sister's. "It's a night of complete freedom its great."

Karolyn Russel said she was "Trying out all the food here having a good time."

There were booths of various venders,  and several area restaurants.

Dalta Stewart "I enjoy it see different businesses that I anet never seen before."

Josh Henderson who plays Austin McMann on Desperate Housewives was the special guest star. He said East Texas was full of southern hospitality.

"I haven't been in Texas in about four or five years it feels good to be back. It's such a different world from LA and you know last night I went to applebee's which I haven't been too in probably eight years or so," said Henderson.

East Texas ladies really liked Josh. He signed autographs, and took pictures with fans. Josh wasn't the only male, a men's swimsuit show was also part of the event.

For Joyce Villa it was a family affair. "To spend the afternoon with my daughter and enjoy all the activities its great to have a day off for women and young girls. Theres not a whole lot to do in tyler but when there is we like to take advantage of it," said Villa.

So it was a fun filled evening for many women who took the night off.

Josh Henderson also told KLTV that he is excited about new opportunities, possibly in music.

When we asked about the season finale of Desperate Housewives he said that they would find him and shoot him if he told us anything, but we just had to ask.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.

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