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Many East Texans Join In On Wishing Rosie O'Donnell Farewell

"We have had to say the least an interesting year," says Barbara Walters on Wednesday's taping of "The View."

Nearly 12 months after getting the coveted daytime seat, Rosie O'Donnell said today she's leaving "The View" because she and ABC Daytime couldn't come up with a new contractual agreement.

"They wanted to do three years. I wanted one year and they were like what if we did this that this that and it just didn't work. And that's showbiz!," says Rosie to "The View" audience.

Rosie's comments on Iran and calling 9-11 a conspiracy struck a chord with East Texans.  Viewers like Shelby Wills says Rosie's departure was like music to her ears.

"Anybody and everybody I've talked to agreed she didn't need to be on tv especially daytime tv. If my daughter was at home I wouldn't want her listening to that stuff," says Shelby.

"I think she steps over the lines just a little bit. She steps over the border just a hair too much sometimes," says DeDe Doan.

It's opinions like these that flooded the inbox of KLTV 7 Vice President and General Manager Brad Streit.

"Our industry needs to respect the influence we have on the people that watch us," says Streit.

Streit says the bigger problem is Rosie's opinions were never challenged on the show. Several months ago Rosie was the focus of his on-air editorial, asking viewers to help him fight for more balance on the show.

Streit adds, "So the victory here is the thousands of viewers who wrote ABC directly about this imbalance."

Rosie will officially leave the show at the end of June.

"I am sad, okay. I am sad," says Barbara Walters.

And no matter what your politics, chances are she got your attention.

"She just doesn't share the value of most American people I don't believe," says Shelby.

Of all the people we spoke with on the streets today only one View watcher, who didn't want to speak on camera, said she didn't mind hearing what Rosie had to say.

ABC says Rosie will occasionally guest host on the show after her contract's up. She'll also do one-hour specials for the "The View."

Christine Nelson reporting. 

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