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Board Meets To Discuss Fate Of Arrested Meals On Wheels Director

Tuesday night, we told you the stunning news - the Executive Director of Meals On Wheels in East Texas was arrested with "ice" methamphetamine and marijuana in his truck.

Now, a board member -- a former Tyler schools superintendent -- says he believes Michael Powell when he says he didn't know the drugs were there. However, Jim Plyler says he can't say for sure if Powell will keep his job, and the executive board of the agency has already met to consider possible action.

"I didn't sleep well last night. I've known mike so long and we've been in so many board meetings together," Plyler told KLTV Wednesday.

It was shocking to him that Powell was busted for drug possession, along with his brother Kent Powell.   Plyler is also disappointed that when Kent was lying to cops about who he was, Mike didn't set them straight.

"And you can't approve of what he did, but I'm sorry he did it," Plyler says.

Mike Powell told KLTV in an interview Tuesday night that Kent admits to having the drugs in the truck that night,  and he didn't know his brother also had a warrant for arrest.

"II didn't know why he wasn't truthful with him. And so I guess I was scared for him," Powell told us.

As troubling to Jim Plyler is that Mike Powell didn't tell anyone at Meals On Wheels what happened three weeks ago. They learned about it only from our story Tuesday night.

"I think we could have discussed it at length with him to find out what it was," Plyler says.

Powell faces possible indictment, and the executive board of Meals on Wheels met Wednesday to discuss his future.  A decision, however, will not be released until action or actions are "finalized."

"They're disappointed like we are, and they're concerned, but I think they understand he's done a tremendous job through the years," Plyler says.

Everyone points out these developments will not affect day-to-day ministry of Meals On Wheels, which delivers more than 4,000 hot meals to needy in ten East Texas counties. 

Mike Powell has been executive director since 1990, and is the son of Paul Powell, former pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler and present dean of the Truett Seminary at Baylor University.

Morgan Palmer, Reporting

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