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Pine Tree High Schoolers Simulate Drunk Driving Accident

A staged drunk driving accident in front of a local school is a stirring reminder for East Texas students of what can happen. But the one Wednesday, in front of Pine Tree High School in Longview, was especially disturbing because it was so familiar. 

It's a horrific scene: students bleeding and trapped inside an SUV, another lying dead outside it, all because of a drunk driver.  It's not a real accident, but the faces of Pine Tree High schoolers would lead to you believe otherwise.

"It's just crazy because this is a simulation, you know, this is just an acting thing, but I mean it's real too," says Pine Tree Senior Katelyn Kennedy.

It's almost too real.  That's because just three years ago, 16-year-old Natalie White, a Pine Tree junior, was driving drunk and killed 18-year-old Lauren Frazier, a recent Pine Tree graduate, set to go off to Baylor the next day.

"It was a few years ago, but it's still in my heart, really, I remember it all the time and I hope that kids at Pine Tree High School will too," Katelyn adds.

And Wednesday's dramatization should help the students remember because it was a recreation similar to the scene that August 2004 night.

"We knew that our students would remember and we want them to remember, we don't ever want to lose the memory, we don't want to lose the idea of the agony that both sets of parents went through," says Leadership sponsor and teacher Terry Barrett.

"You just kind of realize that it's real and it does happen and it did happen," says senior Erica Brevard.

And hopefully it won't happen again since students can learn from Wednesday's reenactment and that fatal night just three years ago.

The students involved have been planning the program since October. Thursday they are going to simulate a funeral for the students who "died" in Wednesday's accident.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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