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LHS Stepping Up Enforcement On School Rules

Longview High School is cracking down on students who don't follow school rules, according to their next principal.   In breakout sessions Tuesday, James Brewer announced a zero tolerance policy for students who don't follow the school's code of conduct. He says they have been warned enough times when it comes to tucking in their shirts, wearing their ID badges, and arriving to class on time. Now, they'll automatically be given an in-school suspension with no more warnings.    

"The students have been here all year, they know they're supposed to tuck their shirts in and we have some students that have been doing that and following the rules, but we have some students that of course if you don't stay on them, they won't do it so we're just going to try as a group here as a team to make sure all students following the rules," says James Brewer, LHS' Director of Secondary Education.

"Anything that keeps my child safe, I am all for, we haven't had any problems at Longview and I want to stay that way so I'm all for it if that's what they think they need, then that's what they need to do," says Cindy Smith, who's daughter goes to LHS.

Brewer says the crackdown starts Wednesday, even with just five weeks left in the school year, it's a way to get the students on track for next year.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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