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Left Or Right: Does You Dog's Tail Point To Their Feelings?

The way your dog wags its tail can give you a clue as to it's mood.  Italian researchers say if your dog's tail veers to the left and wags, it's a negative response.  If the wag is to the right, it is a positive response.  No kidding. 

"Tipper is seven months old, and this is his first outing into real public domain," says this collie's owner, who admits his trip to Petsmart in Tyler is not going too well.  He's very hyper, and appears rather nervous.

His tail, however, swings from right to left.

On to Bentley, who has little tail at all.   It just shakes back and forth. 

"There's nothing quiet about him," says Bentley's owner.

The Cocker Spaniel jump and runs.

"But he's a great dog. I love him."

Petsmart trainer Judy Gregg says it doesn't matter which way a dog wags its tail -- or the stub -- but that it wags at all.

She describes a tail straight down as contented.

"The higher the tail goes up the more excited he gets, but you can miscommunicate because sometimes the tail will come up over the back," she says.

"It's not that hard to read a dog, it's really not."

Gregg says dog psychology can be read in the tail.

"If it's down low, tucked between the back legs, that usually means the dog is frightened."

It's the whole body, however, that gives you plenty of clues.  If we're listening.

"We try to make them into humans, and they're not humans.  And the best example is people will take a dog that's scared of them, and they'll come up and they'll smile at it. Well, when a dog shows its teeth to another dog what is it telling that dog?  I'm threatening you."

Now, the researchers of the right wag-left wag theory didn't test it out in a pet store. They isolated thirty animals and then allowed them to see a person, or a cat, for instance through a slat in their cage.

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