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7 On Your Side:Getting Coupons On Your Cell Phone

Adam Feigan likes buying flowers over the phone, or even ordering his steaks, and he likes to save a few bucks when he does it.

He doesn't have time to cut coupons, so he uses a service called Cellfire.

"This makes it much more easier...just go right into my cell phone, that's always with me, and there's a coupon right there," says Adam.

Cellfire is a free service that delivers coupons right to your cell phone. While a few individual retailers have tried mobile offers, Cellfire brings you discounts from a variety of companies at once.

Adam Feigen adds, "You can use it for Hardees, Dominos Pizza, 1-800-Flowers, there's also Omaha Steaks."

It's all based on your zip code. You get sent coupons for retailers around you. But keep in mind, normal data charges from your cell carrier apply, for messages sent to your phone.

"A lot of times we need that motivation of a discount to take advantage of that and buy a sample of that product, and maybe we go back and we buy it again and become a longtime consumer of that product," says John Walls with the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association.

All you do is sign up either online or by phone. Then you download the service to your cell much like you would a game or ringtone. Hit the Cellfire logo, click on the discount you want to use and a special code will come up.

"So when you go to that store, you just show them your cell phone, show them the screen, show them that coupon number, and you get the discount that's available," says Walls.

You can also call in the code if you're ordering something via the phone. That's what Adam does.

"I need to order a large bouquet of flowers and I have a Cellfire coupon that I'd like to use for that as well," says Adam on the phone placing his order.

All cellular companies have signed on with Cellfire, so any mobile phone user can take advantage of this free service.

Adam says for him it's about more than just saving money.

"I think it's just the convenience factor that you really have to think of," says Adam.

Cellfire does not share customer information so, they say, spam is not an issue. As for viruses, they say you are protected there too.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com


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