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4/21/07-Norman, Oklahoma

Peterson Ready To Fulfill NFL Dream

It's safe to say that every young boy who stepped onto a football field, dreamed of one day being a pro.

That dream is a week away from reality for former Palestine Wildcat Adrian Peterson.

Long before he played in front of crowds of 85,000 at Oklahoma he was attracting national attention.

The spotlight has never shined brighter than now. Adrian is predicted to be a top five draft pick.

Since Adrian announced he would declare for the draft he has been flooded by calls and visits from the media and scouts. Something he was slightly prepared for as the nation's top recruit in high school.

In the past few weeks, Adrian has "toured" the league, visiting eight NFL teams.

"Visiting all the teams and all the traveling and things, I sprinkle a little of the marketing appearances in there also," Adrian told KLTV by phone. "So it's kind of like I've been on tour. It's a whirlwind. It's been exciting, at the same time it's been kind of tiring, but it's all worth it."

There are also the meetings with the big name stars, whose steps Adrian hopes to follow.

" he guys I meet for the first time, I'm like a little kid again," Adrian said. "Gallaway and Garcia, guys like that. Guys you watch and you kind of idolized growing up. Now you are about to play against these guys on Sunday, some of them on the same team.  It can be overwhelming at some point, but you know it's like finally, it's coming. My dream is coming true."

The NFL Draft begins April 28. 

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